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The All-in-One AI-Enabled Point of Sale Solution for Modern Restaurants

January 8, 2018


eatOS Product Team

eatOS continues to empower culinary excellence and seamless operations in the digital age


Los Angeles, CA | January 10, 2018 - In a groundbreaking announcement, eatOS proudly introduces its latest innovation, an All-in-One AI-enabled point-of-sale designed to set new standards in restaurant management for contemporary dining establishments. Developed by seasoned industry professionals, eatOS's cloud-based, AI-enabled Point of Sale (POS) technology cloud is meticulously engineered for uncompromising ease of use, focusing on optimizing efficiency and profitability for today's innovative restaurants. This cutting-edge system ensures guests and employees a seamless and enjoyable dining experience.


Key Features of eatOS's AI-Enabled Point of Sale Solution:  

Works Offline: Restaurants can continue operations seamlessly, even during internet outages. Utilizing the offline mode, orders can be smoothly collected and dispatched to kitchen display systems and printers in real time, and payments can be processed swiftly and securely.   

Real-Time Menu Management: Enhance operational efficiency and financial performance with eatOS' Point of Sale (POS) and dashboard-equipped menu creation system. Easily tailor multiple menus to accommodate different times of the day, special occasions, and happy hours, ensuring adaptability to meet customers' evolving demands. 


Multi-User Environment: Ensure your team stays informed and connected seamlessly between the front and back of the house. Grant access to data and orders on various devices at any time and location, fostering collaboration and improving overall operational efficiency. 


Order & Pay at Table: Streamlined Customer Experience: Say goodbye to extended queues during ordering and checkout. Equip your staff with the capability to accept payments directly at the table or empower customers to pay using their own devices, improving efficiency and revolutionizing the overall customer experience. 


Table Management: Enhance service delivery through personalized floor plans and diverse service areas—track table turnover times for valuable insights that optimize overall efficiency. Simplify the dining experience by allowing guests to order and pay directly using smartphones. 


Built-in Online Ordering: Ditch the inconvenience of manually monitoring online and third-party app orders with the seamlessly integrated Point of Sale and Kitchen Display System. Experience effortless data collaboration and increased efficiency in accounting operations with nearly real-time updates. 

"Our AI-enabled Point of Sale Solution is a testament to eatOS's commitment to providing the latest technology that empowers restaurants to thrive in the digital era. We believe this innovative system will redefine how modern restaurants operate, enhancing the customer experience and operational efficiency." - Akash Aurora, CEO of eatOS

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About eatOS

Since 2017, eatOS has championed "Restaurants Made Simple" through its integrated ecosystem of products. This AI-driven restaurant management technology, tailored for boutique eateries and large-scale chains, boasts an advanced Point of Sale, intuitive kitchen interfaces, table-side ordering and payment solutions, self-service kiosks, and an expansive online ordering and delivery platform. We're redefining the dining landscape, ensuring efficiency, and elevating guest experiences.


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