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eatOS State-of-the-Art Hardware Solutions Crafted to Revolutionize Restaurant Businesses

April 5, 2021


eatOS PR Team

Enabling restaurants to revolutionize operations with cloud technology enhancements.


Los Angeles, CA – April 5, 2021– Today, eatOS, a trailblazer in hospitality technology, proudly unveils its comprehensive suite of hardware solutions designed to transform the way restaurants operate. From state-of-the-art Point of Sale (POS) systems to intuitive Self Ordering Kiosks and advanced Kitchen Display Screens, eatOS is committed to providing powerful and seamlessly integrated hardware that caters to the diverse needs of Quick and Full-Service Restaurants.  

The hardware used in a restaurant is the backbone of its operations, influencing everything from order processing and payment transactions to kitchen workflows and customer engagement. Choosing the right hardware is not just a matter of functionality; it's about future-proofing your business to adapt to the ever-changing demands of the industry. 

At eatOS, we recognize the pivotal role that hardware plays in the success of a restaurant. Our commitment to innovation drives us to deliver cutting-edge hardware solutions that address the specific needs of the modern and more innovative food industry.  

Point of Sale (POS) Hardware: eatOS offers a strong solution for Quick and Full-Service Restaurants with its cloud-based management and payment system. The POS hardware, including brands like Elo®, Clover®, and HP®, suits all restaurant types perfectly.

Self Ordering Kiosk: Elo®'s Self Ordering Kiosk effortlessly integrates with eatOS, ensuring a smooth ordering experience for customers and staff. 

Receipt & Kitchen Printers: Star Micronics® provides a tailored range of printing solutions, linking your Point of Sale and Kitchen to top-notch restaurant printers for streamlined order processing. 

Kitchen Display Screens: Elo®'s Kitchen and Expo Screens, with open frame touchscreens, are the last step for restaurant teams, bringing together all elements of each customer's order for smooth order fulfillment. 


Payment Acceptance: eatOS provides compact yet powerful EMV, Contactless debit, and credit card readers, ensuring secure and efficient payment processing with maximum data protection for restaurants. 

Kitchen Display Software: eatOS introduces Kitchen Display Software, purpose-built for kitchens with touch screen hardware, ensuring efficient operations and backed by a 3-year warranty. 

Self Service Kiosk: eatOS' Self Service Kiosk seamlessly integrates with the Point of Sale and Kitchen Display Screen, reducing costs and offering a convenient self-service option for modern customers at the store or table. 

Accessories: Enhance your restaurant business with advanced hardware from world-leading brands such as Elo®, Apple®, Star Micronics®, HP®, Clover®, Square®, Samsung®, Lenovo®, and more. Discover which eatOS product works best for your restaurant. 


"eatOS is more than a technology provider; we are a partner in the success of your restaurant. Our hardware solutions are meticulously designed to meet the demands of the modern food industry, providing the tools you need to stay ahead and thrive," said Akash Aurora, Chief Executive Officer.

For media inquiries, please contact:

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About eatOS

Since 2017, eatOS has championed "Restaurants Made Simple" through its integrated ecosystem of products. This AI-driven restaurant management technology, tailored for boutique eateries and large-scale chains, boasts an advanced Point of Sale, intuitive kitchen interfaces, table-side ordering and payment solutions, self-service kiosks, and an expansive online ordering and delivery platform. We're redefining the dining landscape, ensuring efficiency, and elevating guest experiences.


eatOS POS Inc. | 1111 Brickell Avenue FL 10, Miami, FL 33131 |

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