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eatOS Launches Customer Facing Display for Quick Service and Fast Casual Restaurants

October 4, 2020


eatOS Product Team

Enhancing quick service restaurants with advanced Customer Facing Display technology


Los Angeles, CA | October 4, 2020 - eatOS, a trailblazing technology company with a legacy of innovation spanning over a decade, proudly introduces its latest innovation: the Customer Facing Display (CFD). This groundbreaking addition to the eatOS ecosystem is set to revolutionize the restaurant industry by enhancing transparency and efficiency in the ordering and payment process.

The eatOS Customer Facing Display is designed to foster heightened transparency throughout the entire dining experience, from real-time order tracking to seamless contactless payments. This innovative solution enriches service delivery by offering a range of features that cater to the modern customer's expectations, including digital tipping, electronic receipts, and smartphone transactions.

Key Features of the eatOS Customer Facing Display:

  • Contactless Order and Payment: With the eatOS CFD, guests can enjoy the convenience of a contactless experience using their own mobile devices. Our user-friendly QR code system enables secure and hassle-free payments.

  • Reduce Order Errors: Giving guests the ability to monitor their orders in real-time minimizes mistakes, ensuring a more satisfying consumer journey and increased restaurant profitability.

  • Digital Receipts: Embrace the eco-friendly option with digital receipts, saving paper and money. Guests can effortlessly enter their contact information directly into the CFD and receive digital receipts via email or text, further enhancing convenience.

  • Loyalty: The eatOS CFD offers a customizable loyalty program that rewards guests for their patronage. As diners savor their favorite eateries, they accumulate points, creating a fun and rewarding incentive to return for more.

  • Customer Marketing: Leveraging customer data, eatOS empowers businesses to craft targeted campaigns, delivering even more valuable benefits and offers to their cherished customers.

  • Increase Tips: With our Intuitive Tipping feature, guests and restaurant staff can take control of the tipping experience. Choose from pre-configured tips in dollars or percentages or enter a custom value for unparalleled convenience and more rewarding dining experiences.

eatOS remains at the forefront of technology in the restaurant industry, consistently developing solutions that empower restaurants to provide exceptional service while optimizing their operations. Introducing the Customer Facing Display is another testament to eatOS' commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

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About eatOS

Since 2017, eatOS has championed "Restaurants Made Simple" through its integrated ecosystem of products. This AI-driven restaurant management technology, tailored for boutique eateries and large-scale chains, boasts an advanced Point of Sale, intuitive kitchen interfaces, table-side ordering and payment solutions, self-service kiosks, and an expansive online ordering and delivery platform. We're redefining the dining landscape, ensuring efficiency, and elevating guest experiences.


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