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Earn and Learn: Walmart & McDonald's Offer College Credit for Work Experience

July 9, 2024


eatOS Staff

College Degree While Working? Walmart & McDonald's Make it Possible

In a groundbreaking move, major corporations like Walmart and McDonald's are exploring a new frontier in higher education. They are collaborating with colleges to award college credits to their employees for skills acquired on the job, challenging the traditional notion that a college degree is the sole path to career advancement.

The Rationale Behind the Shift

This shift stems from several key realizations:

  • College Degrees as Imperfect Proxies: A diploma doesn't always accurately reflect a person's knowledge and skills.

  • High Cost of Education: The exorbitant cost of higher education excludes many talented individuals.

  • Industry Needs: Industries dominated by workers without degrees need to find innovative ways to cultivate talent.

A New Vision for Hiring

Executives envision a future where resumes focus less on academic credentials and more on proven skills. By awarding college credit for on-the-job learning, companies are paving the way for a more inclusive and accessible education system.

Challenges and Opportunities

While the concept is promising, there are challenges to overcome. Determining how much college credit a work skill is worth remains a complex task.

Walmart's Pioneering Efforts

Walmart has taken the lead with its "Walmart Academy," offering training programs and certifications that translate to college credit. This initiative aims to provide employees with a pathway to earn up to half of a college degree through their work experience.

McDonald's Pilot Program

McDonald's is partnering with community colleges to explore how on-the-job skills, such as food safety and customer service, can be converted into college credit for culinary arts, hospitality, or insurance degrees.

Expanding Access and Opportunities

Educators hope this trend will increase access to education, allowing more individuals to pursue better-paying careers with less debt. Companies see it as a way to attract and retain talent, reduce turnover, and cultivate loyalty.

Lessons from the Military

The U.S. military has successfully implemented a system for awarding college credit for military training and experience. This model serves as inspiration for the corporate world's efforts to recognize and reward on-the-job learning.

The Road Ahead: A Skills-First Approach

The future of higher education may involve a shift towards a "skills-first approach," where short-form certificates and credentials hold equal weight with traditional degrees. This approach could revolutionize how we value work experience and open up new pathways for career advancement.

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